Budget Social Media Plan

BUDGET PLAN $55 per month

What You Get For A Month’s Service

  • Three different posts each business day to Facebook and Twitter — three to author’s Facebook page (no profile posts), which are repeated on Twitter for expanded reach.
  • Two different posts each day of the weekend to Facebook and Twitter.  Two posts to the author’s Facebook page (no profile posts) and posts are repeated on Twitter at different time slots.
  • Five Day Cancellation Notice — Cancel our services within five days of the beginning of the new billing period.
  • Payment for this service is payable upfront. Services are billed on the last day of the month for the coming month’s services. Service stops if payment is not made by the 5th day of the new month.
  • You create a general list of preferred topics to help reflect your brand and personality on social media.
  • Postings on Facebook and Twitter are staggered so that the content remains fresh on both platforms.

Restrictions to Budget Plan

  • We provide no custom graphics of any kind with the BUDGET PLAN. If you have a new release you wish to spotlight, Maroli Design Services offers graphic teasers for a modest fee.. Our book spotlight plans are designed for sale or new releases.
  • Postings on Facebook are made to author’s Page ONLY.  No personal profile postings.
  • Additional promotional memes for client’s books MUST be provided by client, along with text and buy links. Book promotion memes will count toward the normal daily allotment of posts in this plan. Memes will be placed during the usual scheduled posting times. Maroli Design Services can post promo posts if the client requests for an additional charge .
  • Under the budget plan, no discounts are offered on any graphics Maroli Design Services offers on their website.