Budget Social Media Plan

Facebook algorithms may or may not restrict posting based on administrator/editor rights status. Algorithms have also shifted to a weighted algorithm that looks at the overall number of page likes/follows, click interactions, comments on a post, and overall page activity over a period of time to determine how often posts are seen in reader news feeds.

We also have a PERSONALIZED Custom Social Media Plan — Click Here

Budget — $20 month

(See Access Requirements & demo images below)


  • TWO daily Facebook general content posts from our programmed queues.  NO PERSONALIZATION. (We do not guarantee posts to the page as Facebook may occasionally skip automated posts. It doesn’t happen often, but we have no control over Facebook.)
  • Eight daily tweets on Twitter. Tweets will cover a daily 24-hour span with the majority of tweets being made from 8am – 11pm EST. Time accommodations can be made for non-USA based authors.
  • Posts rotate through a selection of more than 800 memes designed to engage readers. Clients are encouraged to visit Facebook at least once a day to answer any comments made to a post, which improves engagement.
  • Plan can be used in either a group or on a page

Add-Ons To The Budget Plan

Group Posts $5 extra a month. Add general content posts to a group in addition to your monthly page posts.
No custom graphics of any kind with the Budget plan.


ACCESS RIGHTS REQUIREMENTS:  All of our social media plans require some form of access

  • With EDITOR RIGHTS our posts to an author’s page will appear as if the author has made the posts and the author’s profile image will show on the post (see example image below.) Facebook occasionally rejects posts not made by an admin, therefore we do not guarantee every post we schedule will be posted by Facebook.
  • ADMIN RIGHTS given to our Facebook profile in a group allows us to make automated posts to the group (see example image below). Our scheduler will not allow us to post as a moderator. Posts to a group where our profile has admin status will be seen by members as being posted by Maroli NOT the author (see example image below}.
  • For Group posts where it appears the author has made the post (see example image below) requires our scheduler to have access to the author’s personal profile under secure access methods.
  • Security is critical to protect us and the client. We use www.LASTPASS.com (author can open a Free account) for controlled access when our scheduler accesses your Facebook and Twitter accounts. LastPass prevents us from seeing or changing your password while allowing the scheduler to access your account to post. We do not access an author’s account(s) at any other time unless requested by the author.
  • Please note that Facebook requires the scheduler to verify access to an account from time to time, but the verification is within our scheduler. Occasionally the author may have to modify the LastPass record to resolve glitches in the system to make Facebook and our system communicate properly. There is no direct access to the author’s profile by anyone other than the scheduler system.

Click to enlarge the images below for example of posts with different access.

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