Budget Social Media Plan

Recent Facebook changed their algorithm, which may or may not restrict posting based on administrator/editor status. They’ve also shifted to a weighted algorithm that looks at the overall number of page likes/follows, click interactions, comments on a post, and overall page activity over a period of time to determine how often posts are seen in reader news feeds.

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$20 per month comes with the following

  • Two daily posts will be scheduled to author’s Facebook page — client understands while we schedule a post, Facebook occasionally does not post when we have editor status for a page.
  • Eight daily tweets on Twitter.  Tweets will cover a daily 24-hour span with the majority of tweets being made from 8am – 11pm EST. Time accommodations can be made for non-USA based authors.
  • Posts rotate through a selection of more than 800 memes designed to engage readers. Clients are encouraged to visit Facebook at least once a day to answer any comments made to a post, which improves engagement.
  • Plan can be used in a Facebook Group instead of author’s page.


Posts made to an author’s page can also be made to a Facebook group for $5 extra a month.  Posted memes vary between the page and group. It is not the same post at same time in both places.
Guaranteed Daily Facebook posts can be added for $5 extra a month. However this requires admin rights to author page.

Restrictions to Basic Social Media Budget Plan

No custom graphics of any kind with this plan.
No book sale/release spotlight posts. Maroli Design Services has two book spotlight plans designed for sale or new releases.