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General Pricing

ALL graphics come with at least two different mockups in terms of color, fonts, and other visual manipulation. Some mockups may or may not include a different background graphic. Extensive mockups such as Maroli Design Services offer are not generally provided by other graphic designers.
Portfolio Samples
$35 for two (2) different social media platform banners. Select from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram. Banner comes with Pre & Post Text (i.e. Date Available, Coming Soon, Now Available)
Custom Book Teasers
Portfolio Samples
Two Custom Teasers — $45 

  • Two different custom designs for the individual project
  • Both designs properly sized based on current sizing for Facebook and Twitter platforms
  • 3D cover included with teaser graphics

Request a Price Quote for Specialized-Multiple backgrounds for one book project

Postcards & Bookmarks
Portfolio Samples
$35 for One Side only
$55 for color front and black & white backIncludes

  • 3D cover choice of print or eReader format and up to six file sizes with final banner
  • Up to two (2) changes allowed per postcard
AD Graphics
Portfolio Samples
$40 for one (1) ad
$100 for three (3) ads Includes

  • All 3D covers choice of print or eReader format and are provided in up to six file sizes with final banner
  • Images for customization are provided by us and/or the client

Portfolio Samples
$40 for one ad per social media platform

  • All 3D covers choice of print or eReader format and are provided in up to six file sizes with final banner
  • Images for customization are provided by us and/or the client
Book Covers
Portfolio Samples
Digital Book Cover — $100
Print Book Cover Additional $25
Cover Updated (best-selling, award, other status changes) — May of may not include additional charge dependent on extent of work involved.


  • Consultation about book cover design and what the client is looking for. After consultation, we provide a number of potential of stock images for client to select from. This helps ensure the client gets what they want on their book cover.
  • Mock-up of proposed cover with possible backgrounds, fonts, colors
  • Finalized cover in all necessary file sizes for advertising venue usage and a 3D cover in print and eReader format
  • Extensive changes to mockups additional changes billed based on extent of work.
Book Videos
Portfolio Samples
OPTION 1 — $100
Client provides all graphics, text, and music for the the video.  Copy may be modified by Maroli Design Services for readability.
Up to one change. Additional changes are billed at $15 per change
NOTE: Full payment is required due to the labor intensive development work of book videos.

OPTION 2 — $150
Maroli provides all graphics and music.Client will be offered a selection of music, graphics, and/or video clips to choose from.
Client provides text or copy to create text from. Copy may be modified by Maroli for readability.
Up to two changes. Additional changes are billable at $15 per change
NOTE: A downpayment of $100 is required when requesting Option 2 due to the labor intensive development work.
Cover Reveals
Portfolio Samples
Specialty Cover Reveals — $40
Specialty cover reveals involve involve unique graphics. The graphic is specifically selected to complement the book cover and genre.The specialty cover reveal is treated as an ad.
One Cover Reveal Basic Graphic — $20
Three Cover Reveal Basic Graphics  — $30


  • Basic reveals include the cover as the background on all reveals for the individual project
  • Graphic layered over top of the reveal is a generic one such as the same layer simply shifted to reveal more of the cover in three different stages.
  • 3D cover included with teaser graphics
  • Up to one change. Additional changes will be billed at $5 per change.e
Faux Magazine Covers
Portfolio Samples
$15 — Premade Covers
$75 — Custom Cover Pre-Made Covers 
We are in the process of expanding our pre-made magazine cover selection. Currently we have a Regency/Victorian and Medieval pre-made magazine covers. Generic text will be changed out periodically to account for number of clients using these covers, special Facebook events, and seasonal changes.INCLUDES

  • Client name
  • Client website
  • Client book title
  • Client book cover graphic in the center of the cover
  • Any additional changes billed at $10 per text block

Custom Covers

  • Period appropriate graphic front and center
  • Client provides six to seven text blocks for Maroli Design Services to use in cover creation.
  • Client’s book cover in 3D can be added with a text block relevant to client’s book.
  • Up to one change.

Additional changes billed at $10 per text block

Virtual Assistant Services Please visit our Virtual Assistant services page for details and pricing here.

All stock images and video clips provided by Maroli Design Services have been purchased from reliable royalty-free stock photography sites such as,,, and other reputable websites. Clients must confirm that any photos submitted for use in any project have been acquired through a legitimate website, and that the images are licensed for use. A PDF license is sufficient for verification of license to use an image. ANY use of copyright images  purchased by Maroli for a different book is prohibited as author has not contracted for that image’s use, and it may violate copyright license. Maroli is not liable for any author abusing copyright in this manner.

Please visit our Terms of Service (TOS) page for further details related to graphics designed by Maroli Design Services.