Social Media 30 Day Sale/Release Promo

What You Get 

  • One month (30 days) of social media  promotion on
  • Facebook posts made to client’s author page, Maroli Design Services business page, My Forever HEA business page, the Maroli employee profile
  • TWITTER TEN (10) tweets daily for 30 client’s profile, Maroli Design Services two accounts and My Forever HEA account.
  • Custom-Designed Graphics Client receives ONE (1) basic graphic custom designed for use during promotion and/or future date.
  • Additional Custom-Designed Graphic added for $15 — Monthly clients receive additional graphic free of charge
  • Rafflecopter Drawing Maroli Design Services set-up and monitoring

Graphic sizes below are based on current specs for Facebook and Twitter (reflected in graphic display). Instagram sizing can be added for $10 extra

Sizing of graphics below are from older sizing specs for Facebook and Twitter.

What Client provides:

Client provides all buy links
Client provides book blurb
Client provides two-three excerpts to use on Facebook posts. The more variety the better.

  • One month (30 days) of social media  promotion on
  • Facebook posts about the new release
    • Posts will be made to client’s author page via tagging by the Maroli business page, the My Forever HEA business page, the Maroli employee profile. Author may also temporarily add Maroli Design employee profile to author’s page as an editor for direct posting to author’s page. If book is a historical romance posts will also be made to the Historical Romance Reader Addicts Too Facebook group as Maroli Design Services is able to schedule to that group.
    • Social Media Facebook Reach Includes:
      • Week #1 — Every other day at different times
      • Week #2 & 3 — Every third day at different times
      • Week #4 — Twice during the week
    • The posts to  different Facebook pages and/or groups will be done on different days and times designed to provide daily coverage across the social media platforms.
      • NOTE: We are willing/capable of posting several times a day on Facebook, but recommend against this to avoid oversaturation on your page.The posts to additional social media outlets will be done at different days and time in an effort to provide daily coverage across the social media platforms.
  • TWITTER Eight tweets daily for 30 days.
    • Tweets will appear on the following Twitter profiles: @MaroliDesign, @2Maroli, and @MYForeverHEA Author will be tagged in the tweets.
    • Tweets are made at different times daily to expand reach as much as possible, e.g., tweet times on Monday will be different from Tues, Wed, etc.
    • Tweet content will be created for you from the author submitted book blurb
  • Rafflecopter Drawing
    • Maroli Design Services will setup, if the author would like to do a giveaway in conjunction with book promotion
      • Questions will include some or all of the following recommended tasks and point values:
        • Facebook author page like — 2 points
        • Twitter follow — 1 point
        • Facebook share of an author’s post — 3 points
        • Twitter share of sale tweet created for the book – 4 points
        • Read book excerpt and answer a question — 4 points
        • Newsletter signup. — 5 points
    • Data collected from the drawing will be submitted to the author upon completion of the drawing. Author may request winner be selected by Maroli Design Services or select to choose the winner themselves. Data collected from the drawing will NOT be retained and/or used by Maroli Design Services.
  • One Custom Designed GraphiClient receives ONE (1) graphic custom designed specifically for the promotion, which can be used on any venue during the promo and/or at a future date. The one graphic can have up to three different taglines on the same background for three different graphics as illustrated in the beach scene below in first row.
  • Monthly Social Media Clients of Maroli Design Services receive an additional custom-designed graphic at no charge.

Second Custom-Designed Graphic Add-on $20

As an add-on option to this specific package, Client can order a second custom designed graphic with different look for a nominal charge. Graphics will be created in up-to-date sizing specs for all social media platforms for optimum views. See examples in first row. The custom graphic created specifically for the promotion, but can be used on any venue during the promo and/or at a future date. See examples Below.