The following are the terms of services for projects created by Maroli Design Services

Maroli Design Services

We are not a work-for-hire organization. We are contractors and follow basic rules related to copyright. Intellectual property can be a minefield, and we focus on putting the client first, but there will be occasions when the client’s wishes might violate a license or have the potential to harm Maroli Design Services reputation and/or legal requirements we are required to obey. We believe these requirements are reasonable, flexible, and within reason when it comes to good business practices. If you have questions regarding any of the following, please contact us. Our primary concern is the protection of the client and/or Maroli Design Services in the event of any legal ramifications regarding copyright.


The author owns their brand. Maroli Design Services cannot hold a client hostage to a font name/size/color. Any specialized graphics or looks that are created for the client will be at an additional cost. Items that fall into this category would be graphics such as a specially designed logo for the client. They are items created for the client’s use and can used to brand other author projects with/without Maroli Design Services being involved in the graphic/content development. Please see our policy on unacceptable use of specialized graphics in Section VI. If there are other concerns about branding in terms of look or feel, please discuss this with us as we focus on the keeping our clients happy, not creating roadblocks, in their desire to receive the best possible graphic content for us or future vendors they choose to work with.

Please note that as a general rule, combinations or stand-alone colors, fonts, and other general design elements are not copyright protected.


Maroli Design Services will NEVER require royalties be tied to any project we create. We are confident that we bill according to our skill and our quality. We don’t specialize in work that would require a percentage of royalties.



The stock images Maroli Design Services uses are licensed by reputable stock image sites. These licenses have specific usage parameters. When a graphic is designed, the stock image license does NOT transfer to the client. The client is not allowed to utilize the stock image in any other project outside of the project image Maroli Design Services creates for the client. E.g., a picture of a skull is used on a graphic and that image is cut out and pasted onto a completely unrelated graphic. This is a violation of the stock image’s copyright license. For more information, please see our policy on unacceptable alterations/Displays related to graphics created by Maroli Design Services.


Stock images provided by the client are for the use of the client only. Any images submitted by a client for use in a contracted design should come with some form of receipt or authorization for use of the graphic. In the event of any questions related to the legitimate acquisition of licensing of the client-provided image, Maroli Design Services (aka, Monica Burns/Kathi Scearce) will not be held responsible for any violation of copyright. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure proper copyright licenses are acquired for the project contracted. Maroli Design Services will not utilize the client-provided image for any other client in any other project. However, stock images can be purchased for future clients that may/may not be the same or a similar image that the client provides to us. This is rarely an issue as we like to keep our designs client specific and unique, but it is necessary to place this statement here for transparency reasons.


Maroli Design Services believes any graphic we create for the client can be used as they see fit in the marketing of their product with the exceptions outlined below.


Acceptable alterations to any graphic designs Maroli Design Services creates are as follows, but not limited too:

  • Cover reveals, whether blurred out or covered with a some other design, etc.;
  • Utilize the cover on any different marketing graphic or other collateral material; and
  • Utilizing the cover in a box set, in terms of using just a small cut out from a cover on the side panel. The exception to this is where a cover has the original title blurred out and new title added and is resized. This is an alteration of the cover that changes it from what it was originally designed for to something completely different. This may or may not have copyright ramifications.


SUBSECTION VI-A: If the graphic design is altered by the client in a manner Maroli Design Services finds objectionable, our name is to be removed from all reference to the graphic. If the client wants make this type of change, please let us know. We’re reasonable and very flexible in our effort to help you promote your product. Please note that some alterations of the graphics can alter the terms of agreement for licensed copyrights of stock images purchased by Maroli Design Services. This puts us at risk. As stipulated in Section VI, any questions related to the legitimate acquisition of licensing of the client-provided image, Maroli Design Services (aka, Monica Burns/Kathi Scearce) will not be held responsible for any violation of copyright. We are always able to alter the design for you for an additional fee at a reasonable price based on the detail of the modification.

SUBSECTION VI-B: A Maroli Design Services project created by us cannot be displayed on any site that is designated as a pornographic site, promotes the degradation of women or children, promotes animal abuse of any kind, and/or other such objectionable material. This is not only a stipulation of Maroli Design Services, but in almost every case, the image license(s) purchased for the graphic designed also prohibits the use of the image on sites such as the ones mentioned here.

For any questions regarding these terms of services, please contact us. We are eager to work with you and happy to clarify any portion of the terms listed above.