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NOTE: Currently, Facebook and Twitter image sizes are almost identical. Thus one image can be used on both platforms. Facebook sizes are designed for mobile. Square images tend tobe extremely large and swallow the screen on mobile, and often desktop as well.

We currently use three different fonts for pre-made graphics. They are Desire Pro, Backlash Script, and Nauti Gal. We also use other fonts as deemed appropriate.

  • Fonts, colors, text placement and size are at the discretion of the designer for best quality image.
  • No substitutions of fonts and/or colors.
  • Text size and positioning on final product may vary from sample images. 

Customization restrictions are not necessarily exclusive to the customization of an image.

  • Only images marked available for personalized customization may have custom text added.
  • Marketing taglines currently available will not be altered or substituted outside of pricing plans
  • Plans that include customization will have limitations based on image space availability.
  • Personalized text may be subject to editing based on space and/or size logistics.

All packages come with marketing taglines designed to catch the reader's attention. Simply select your package, then Simply select an image, submit your choices along with your cover (s), author URL, and if the cover is for a series, and we'll do the rest.

Individual Pre-Made Graphics:

  • 1 image is $2.00
  • One cover per image
  • Customized taglines pulled from client's blurbs restricted to images designated as customizable

Basic Package $15


  • 15 images
  • Two of your covers to be used on any of the 15 images (one cover per image)
  • Customized taglines pulled from client's blurbs restricted to images designated as customizable. For a total of five images.

Plus Package $20


  • 25 images
  • Up to two of your covers used on individual images you choose, only one cover per image
  • Up to three customized taglines for use on images designated customizable

Premium Plan Includes: $25

  • 30 images
  • Up to three of your covers used on the individual images you choose
  • On designated images, three different covers can be used to promote your series
  • Up to four customized taglines on images designated customizable
  • Customized taglines pulled from client's blurbs restricted to images designated as customizable

Payment must be made prior to any graphic development. No exceptions.

My reputation for fair, honest, and exemplary work is well-established. These principles are part of my individual belief structure, and how I operate my business. References as to my qualifications and principles are available upon request.


IGS2— Custom Tagline Available

IGS3 — Custom Tagline Available




IGS7— Custom Tagline Available

IGS8— Custom Tagline Available

IGS9— Your Cover As Background

IGS10 —Your Cover As Background

HRIGS1 — Your Cover As Background


HRIGS3— Custom Tagline Available

HRIGS4— Custom Tagline Available