Onboarding Workflow Builds

I take your Mailerlite or Active Campaign onboarding to the next level by building you a strong onboarding campaign, designed to keep your mailing list strong and tight.

Using a strong onboarding campaign, you can isolate deadwood, reward super fans, and build a list that has an excellent email reputation as well as a solid list of readers you can market to. My workflow builds are efficient, and once implemented can be modified easily in the future if you wish to offer a different lead magnet, want to do a different promo, and they can even be used to manage a review team to reduce the hours you pay an assistant (or hours that bite into writing time) by half.

Workflow build prices vary, based on what an author’s goals and budget are. I do not do flat rates as every workflow is unique, just like the author I’m designing it for.  Contact me to discuss your needs, and I’m happy to provide an estimate.

Cleanup and Assessment

Are you unsure when to cull a list? Need to straighten out all your groups? Need a form created? I can do all of this and more when it comes to maintaining your list and campaigns. Whether it’s an in-depth assessment or a specific task you’d like done, I can take care of it for you. Whether it’s a monthly or occasional project, let me help you maintain a strong healthy list.