Pre-made Graphics

  • Select your plan then mix and match the graphics you want. You can choose all Facebook images or all Instagram images or all styles.
  • Select your preferred font/color for the final image. The color and font will be at the designer's discretion to ensure a high-quality promo graphic, but consideration will be given where possible.
  • Taglines are created by the designer and developed to attract attention.
  • If you choose an image that allows some customization, include your website URL, the tagline you wish to use with the images you select.

Facebook Images All Genres

Facebook Images Romance

Instagram Stories

Instagram Squares All Genres

NOTE: Currently, Facebook and Twitter image sizes are almost identical. Thus one image can be used on both platforms.
Facebook sizes shown are designed for mobile. Square images tend to be extremely large and swallow the screen on mobile and desktop. However, as this service expands this sizing may change based on client requests.

We currently use three different fonts and seven different text colors for pre-made images.  CLICK HERE to see examples of fonts and colors currently being used on available premade images.

  • Font and color choices are at the discretion of the designer to ensure a final graphic that best spotlights the client's genre, cover design, and message. 
  • Clients may request a preferred font and text color, but we do not guarantee the selection will be used.
  • No substitutions of fonts and/or colors will be made on pre-made graphics other than what is currently offered.
  • Text shown on examples may vary in sizing and actual positioning dependent on the information provided.
  • Text placement and size are at the discretion of the designer to give the client the best look possible on these graphics.

Our generic images are created using Image Apothecary photos. Historical Romance images are specially designed using Period Images graphics.

Some plans allow for certain images to be personalized with the client's tagline vs. the use of standard taglines. Restrictions shown here are not necessarily exclusive to the customization of an image.

  • Only images marked available for personalized customization may have custom text as those images have available space on the graphic for such personalization.
  • Standard taglines currently available will not be altered or substituted under any circumstances outside of pricing plans that allow for customization.
  • If the author selects a plan that includes minor customization on the images, custom taglines will have a limitation of four to five words based upon a selected graphic's space availability (this may fluctuate dependent on font size).
  • Personalization text is limited based on the price plan selected by the author.
  • Submitted text for personalization choices may be subject to the designer's editing of the tagline for space and/or size logistics.

All packages come with interesting taglines written to catch the reader's attention. Colors and fonts for each individual image vary based on the client's needs and cover design Simply select an image, submit your choices along with your cover (s), author URL, and if the cover is for a series, and we'll do the rest.

Individual Pre-Made Graphics:

  • 1 image is $2.00
  • One cover per image
  • Customized taglines pulled from client's blurbs restricted to images designated as customizable

Basic Package $15


  • 15 images
  • Two of your covers to be used on any of the 15 images (one cover per image)
  • Customized taglines pulled from client's blurbs restricted to images designated as customizable. For a total of five images.

Plus Package $20


  • 25 images
  • Up to two of your covers used on individual images you choose, only one cover per image
  • Up to three customized taglines for use on images designated customizable

Premium Plan Includes: $25

  • 30 images
  • Up to three of your covers used on the individual images you choose
  • On designated images, three different covers can be used to promote your series
  • Up to four customized taglines on images designated customizable
  • Customized taglines pulled from client's blurbs restricted to images designated as customizable

Payment must be made prior to any graphic development. No exceptions.

My reputation for fair, honest, and exemplary work is well-established. These principles are part of my individual belief structure, and how I operate my business. References as to my qualifications and principles are available upon request.

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