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VA Services
  • B.S. Marketing/Public Relations
  • Twenty-five years of marketing/public relations experience
  • Traditional, Small Press, and Indie published author
  • Technology background in public and private sectors
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Skills Set

  • Mailerlite Expert: Newsletter development, automation creation with branches (if/or statements), customized signup forms, management and optimization of mailing lists.
  • Social Media Expert: Automation with content that encourages engagement
  • Newsletter Development Expert: Done correctly, a newsletter entertains, connects, and provides direct sales link to readers
  • Graphic Design
  • Review Teams: Management of review teams using automations to reduce billable hours while monitoring reviewers
  • WordPress Expert: Build simple websites at an affordable cost. Perform general maintenance, daily security monitoring.
  • General Technology: Intermediate knowledge of working in Cpanel (backend server), html and CSS coding, and limited management of SQL databases (where WordPress pages are stored).
  • Other Skills: Other skills dependent on client needs. If I can’t do it, I recommend someone reliable who can.


Hourly rate for limited hours of service and/or special one-time projects are $35.00

Website and Newsletter Automation: Flat rates based on detailed specs agreed to by client. No hidden or unexpected price costs, unless client adds/changes specs after work has begun.

Monthly Plans are billed at $30 an hour. No annual contract. Plans can be upgrade/degraded from month to month, depending on client needs. A client’s budget is always the first concern, and a plan is developed that prioritizes a client’s needs.

5 hours of monthly services$150
8 hours of monthly services$240
10 hours of monthly services$300
12 hours of monthly services$360
15 hours or more please contact for availability$450

ALL monthly hours are billed/paid upfront each month. This is non-negotiable. I have numerous references who can confirm my integrity, honesty, and reliability as to my work. My clients always receive 110%.


Premium Newsletter — $75

Client provides general content. I provide custom subject lines, headings, images, grab links, and write additional content as needed with author approval. Also includes monitoring and strategies for mailing list.

Sales Alert — $50

A simple sales alert, which consists of book cover, blurb, and vendor icons with links to where the book is on sale.


Pre-made Social Media Teasers

$20 for 20 pre-made teaser graphics
$30 for 24 pre-made teaser graphics

Click here for more details and to view available images.

SM Custom-Designed Banners


Includes: Custom-designed banners for Facebook Author Page, Author Group (image on right), and Twitter. Each banner comes with a pull-quote added as well as Pre/Post release text (i.e. Date Available, Coming Soon, Now Available). My rule of thumb is to do at least two or more mock-ups for clients to choose from.

Note: One design used for banners across all platforms, and sized according to the social media platform.

Custom Teasers and Ads



  • Custom design teasers and/or ads properly sized for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms (Facebook and Instagram story sizes are an additional charge)
  • Four generic images. Clients choose from a growing selection of images (see all pre-made currently available here).
  • Five different 3D cover graphics  (e.g., cover images shown below)

Example of a custom graphic for Facebook Ad

Example of generic teaser included in this package. The client receives two generic images in addition to the two custom teasers. The client has a growing selection of generic graphics to choose from..

Digital and Print Covers

$100 Digital Cover
$150 Digital and Print Cover


Custom Print Formatting

Custom headers, fonts, and chapters images that are genre appropriate. Specializing in Ingrams Print with/without upload