Automate Your Back List

Automate Your Back List For $15 a Month

Clients on Budget/Standard Plans Just $10 Monthly

Automated Your Backlist Titles
Back list titles are where authors make their money. For a small monthly fee, your books will be rotated every week throughout the year. Great reminders for readers who’ve missed a book or new readers of your books. Consistency and limited posting is a crucial point when promoting back list. Clients on the Budget or Standard plan of social media posts pay a reduced rate of $10 a month

  • Backlist posts can run any day of the week and times. We’ll work with you to create an optimal rotation based on the number of backlist titles you have and your posting preferences.  This service item is not optimal for less than five books, however one or two posts a month highlighting you small back list is still a good thing.
  • Author provides ALL CONTENT, but I am happy to offer guidance.
    • Covers and/or appropriately sized image for each platform must reside on author’s website or other site (Pinterest can be used) as the post image must be pulled from a URL
    • A word table will be provided for you to add your content, links and URLs to your covers or the images to use with the post
    • You can:
      • Make all book posts a blurb and cover/promo image post;
      • Make all book posts  an excerpt with cover/promo image post; or
      • Mix book posts by doing some blurbs and others excerpts.
  • Programming setup fees (setup fee is to create a private queue and post schedule for the client. After the first month of service, one new book post per month may be added to the queue at no charge ):
    • 10 book posts or less $50
    • 15 book posts or less $75
    • 20 book posts or less $100
    • 25 book posts or less $125
    • 50 book posts or less $150
  • Back list posts can be posted on up to three platforms at the monthly fee. Choose from:
    • Facebook Page
    • Facebook Group
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
      • Customer needs to provide correct size for Twitter and/or Instgram. Sizes required will be provide.
  • The post will also be added to our queue for Forever HEA page on Facebook, a page that has minimal traffic, but is an additional place for exposure. If you’re a Historical Romance author, your book will be added to Monica’s Historical Romance Lovers Too reader group on Facebook — Buy The Book Tuesdays. If you do excerpt posts then you’ll be add to the Excerpt Friday post queue.
  • Clients already on the budget or standard social media plans for automated posts, the monthly rate is at a reduced rate.


  • Facebook has a limit to the number of words/characters allowed in posts. The best number is no more than 550 words per posts, including links and/or normal text. For an accurate word count, use
  • Instagram has a few characters less than Facebook
  • Twitter has a very small character use count, so messages should be brief
  • Posts must be in compliance with community standards parameters for platforms.

My personal backlist titles are spotlighted on my feeds, Tuesdays and Fridays using themes.

Excerpt Fridays:
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Buy the Book Day:
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