Social Media Plans

Just $30 a month 

Due to the complex nature and time involved creating private queues for a client, there is a one-time set-up fee of $60

Standard plan includes: 

  • Two daily posts
  • Up to three (3) RSS feeds to post new content, which would be in addition to daily posts.
  • Posts made to two (2) profiles* of client’s choice.** Additional profiles are $5 extra a month per profile as I pay for each profile used in the scheduler. ***
  • Posting times vary each day of the week.
  • If client has insight information as to best times to post based on platform insights, we are happy to use that info and schedule posts accordingly.
  • Schedule adjustments after setup will be billed at a nominal fee.

Clients on an hourly plans who would like to use the social media service will receive all of the above at a reduced rate.

Add Backlist rotation for JUST the setup fee. Each back list title post will be used in place of a normal automated post or it can be added as an additional post time. This is a client’s choice.

For optimum results, clients should spend 10-15 minutes daily responding to post comments to further increase engagement.

*Profiles are defined by where posts are posted. Example: a Facebook page is one profile.

**Instagram, while available, is problematic. You need to have a business account with IG, and a phone connected to the account. Sometimes, it’s easier to simply share a scheduled post to IG from your phone.

***Twitter is available, however it is not considered a strong platform for growing readership. Twitter is lightning-fast and focused on real-time engagement.

Our automated posts use G-rated content designed to increase engagement. We have a limited number Hot Dudes and PG-rated posts available for clients needing a few steamier posts.

We have clients using the service who are happy to share their experience in a confidential email exchange. Click here to request contact information for references.