Please note that the sites and prices shown here are examples of my work and a general idea of what you might pay for a website, depending on what you need vs. want, and what you can afford. I am happy to discuss building the site over a three month period to spread out costs.

Here are some questions you should consider when looking for someone to build, revamp, or redesign a website.

  • Consider the designer’s reputation. Do they come with client recommendations you trust? Are they reputable?
  • Is your current site a WordPress site? If no, decide whether you want to stick with what you have and do just a makeover.
  • If your site is WordPress, what does it need? Extensive rebuilding or just an appearance makeover?
  • Will you do website maintenance yourself after I finish the site and install it (e.g., you’ll upload all your books once I provide a book template page)?
  • Do you have any special plugins (or features) on your current site? Do you want to continue using (e.g., MyBookTable, a slider, etc.) them on the new site?
  • How many you pages do you have want (e.g., Home, About Me, Contact, Newsletter, etc.)? Note that you can always put an entire series on a single page. Simplicity is not only clean to look at, but easier to build.
  • What kind of customizations do you want outside of fonts, colors, and layouts? The more work I do, the higher the cost.


Specialty — While I tend to do more romance author sites, I can build sites for authors in other genres and small businesses outside the publishing industry without difficulty. If I’m unable to assist you, I have one or two designers I can refer you to.

  • WordPress — I build websites on the WordPress platform using Divi web design software. I recommend using WordPress and Divi because:
  • You have ultimate control
  • WordPress is the largest content-management platform available for building a website on, and they continually update features to stay ahead of hackers.
  • WordPress is free to install
  • Divi is the largest web design software on the market and offers flexible customization to make your website look the way you want it too.
  • Your Divi license is free and will not expire unless you redesign your website. This includes DIY maintenance or content addition. So routine updates the software developer makes are at no cost to you.
  • Ability to DIY maintenance. If you go this route, I provide instructions for how to add a new book.
  • No hidden costs. Your costs, once the website is built and running, are only your annual renewals (domain, web site hosting, SSL certificates, website maintenance, etc.).
  • No annual theme subscription fees, if I build your theme. Pre-designed themes from another designer will incur the actual purchase price, and use of the design may incur annual subscription fees. More details in the theme explanation below as there are drawbacks to buying a theme.
  • Free Themes — Divi has hundreds of themes to choose from in terms of layouts that I can customize. Some caveats exist, which are detailed under the themes explanation.
  • No hassle mobile menus. All website builds have no hassle mobile menus that work on phones and tablets.

Note: I do not do WooCommerce shopping carts. It is not my forte, and I believe any store an author wants to add should be either on a different domain the author owns or on an eCommerce platform such as Payhip or Shopify. I can do both platforms, but recommend Payhip. Here are examples of my work:

Monica Burns Store        Patricia Rice Store

Websites Portfolio

The sites listed below are simply examples of my work. The figures listed are what was paid for the final website. They are merely a ball park figure to help you consider whether something you want is something you don’t need or want to add later. Starting small and DIY maintenance is always going to be less costly. While I recommend certain things in all my services, I provide pros/cons, and possibile alternatives. The final decision is the client’s.

Isabella Thorne

Has approximately 35 books and 15 pages on the site. Approximate final cost was $2400.00 Included:

  • Site transfer assistance from one web host to new site, domain transfer to new host, and changing web hosts.
  • Adding/connecting Mailerlite integration and newsletter, revamping several pages of content, transfer, and uploading of all books.
  • The site was built with a base of a pre-designed theme the client had been using, which was modified in terms of clients request for colors, fonts, and over all look of the pages. Updating of all pages was required, and menu was revamped.
  • All consultations and correspondence
  • Menu was built using some basic HTML in combination with the Divi web building software.
  • Other minor additions and adjustments.

McHernandez Tree Service
This site is five pages in size and was built using a pre-designed main/base theme with customization. Final cost $2,200.00, which included:


      • This site used a free theme through my software license that I modified and used to build the site for the client.
      • Stock images appropriate to the business were researched and provided.
      • I did a complete revision of content in terms of editing and revisions, which included researching certain industry items related to trees.
      • All consultations and correspondence.
      • The final cost here includes $200 annual maintenance fee.

My Personal Business Sites

These sites may have some glitches as they aren’t updated regularly due to time constraints. My clients always come first.

      • Maroli Design Services The following are some items that would be included on a website such as this one.
        • This website build has around 25+ pages of content.
        • This kind of website would include stock images or resizing of images client provides.
        • Content edits and/or minor revisions.
        • Mailing list connection is included provided there are no unexpected connection issues.
        • Price range would be somewhere between $1,900.00 to $2,200.00
      • Monica Burns Author  – The following are some items that would be included on a website such as this one.
        • This website build has more than 30 pages of content.
        • Special features such as a customized menu, video content added into book pages, special connections to author store.
        • Book cover resizing for best possible look
        • Content creation, edits, and /or minor revisions.
        • Mailing list connection provided there are no unexpected connection issues.
        • Price range would be somewhere between $2,500.00 to $3,000.00
      • Simple Test Site
        • I am currently tinkering with a simple author co-op site. This site was built on top of the test site used for, so the link reflects the original test site name. With this kind of minimal customization and only seven pages, the approximate cost would be $700.00.
Website Themes Explained

WordPress Themes —Every WordPress site uses what are called themes (I refer to them as main/base themes) that rest on top of the actual WordPress software itself. Think of it like a house you’re building. WordPress software is the foundation and basic exposed framework for walls. The main/base theme(s) WordPress offers is built on top of that foundation to create a web site with generally limited customization capability

Your Current Website — If you have a WordPress site you may be using one of the themes that WordPress provides. (Twenty-Nine, Twenty-One, etc.) that is the main theme that goes on top of the WordPress foundation. WordPress upgrades, modifies those main/base themes they provide for security issues, and sometimes they even discontinue a theme. This is true of designers who build and sell themes to people.

    • While you can buy base themes for your WordPress site, they are still limited in terms of customization of the base theme, and the possibility of discontinued themes can make things difficult in a couple of years.
    • Whether you use one of the main themes WordPress has or you buy a theme, if you make custom changes to the main/base theme to fit your vision of what you want your site to look like, you generally need to update those customizations almost every time WordPress updates either their base software platform or updates one of the themes they provide. This is an added expense. I build a child theme to help minimze customizations being blown up.

Child Themes — These are themes that have detailed personalized/customized looks. The child theme rests on top of the base theme. Think of them as the exterior/interior customizations of a new house in terms of color shutters, wall paint, types of molding, wallpaper, carpet, etc.

    • Child themes run the gamut in terms of pricing. They range from free up to $500 or more.
    • When I build a child theme for you, whenever WordPress updates their base software or a theme, which happens regularly, the child theme I build has less of a chance of the client’s customizations being affected or reducess the impact in terms of modifications and/or adjustments to the WordPress changes.
    • Buying a child theme can cause problems in the future if/when the designer modifies, updates, or discontinues the theme (no longer provide updates to keep up with WordPress software upgrades). Failure to update child themes can result in loss of customization and/or security issues that leave you vulnerable to hackers.
    • Child themes you buy generally have limited customization capabilities, including colors, fonts, etc. The theme may or may not include a font you want to use. Modifying the child theme is possible, but you generally lose all customizations every time the theme is updated.
    • Child Themes I build generally keep your costs at a zero to minimal amount over the lifetime of the website. If you buy a theme (base or child), the cost of the theme may or may not include free updates of the theme beyond a six-month to one year time period. After an initial period of use, you generally have to pay for updates to the theme that the child theme developer makes to stay current with WordPress updates.
  • When I build a child theme, it means we don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each new WordPress or main theme update. All your customizations remain pretty much intact.
  • While I build a child theme for you, it’s completely customized. You’re in control to the greatest extent possible. Just like a designer who builds a child theme for sale, you get to specify what fonts, colors, etc. to build into your personal child theme. While there are occasional limitations to my customizing your child theme, they’re not extensive. I use Google Fonts, most of which are free and available to use in Divi. You can always buy a specific font to install on your site.
  • Free and/or paid child themes are not extensive when it comes to themes designed specifically for authors. Child themes I build for clients fit your vision and are cheaper.
Programming Websites With Code

I do not build websites using nothing code. Hardcoding is where the designer writes/programs the entire site using code (HTML, CSS, and scripts). My reasons for not doing so include, but not limited to:

    •  Hardcoded sites are generally out of reach in terms of most authors’ budget. Unless you’re Nora Roberts or Stephen King, I don’t recommend the expense.
    • Hardcoded sites reduce or eliminates your control over your site. If you are comfortable using WordPress to add new content, a hardcoded site will almost always not give you that kind of control or freedom. You are reliant on the web designer/company that built the site for updates, adding content, or modifying the site in the future. Adding/changing content may not be done in a timely manner or as quickly as you may like.
    • Hardcoded sites, in a great many instances, will require you to use the business that built the website for maintenance, updates, or adding content, and possibly using their web hosting service.
    • You may be required to move your site from your web host of choice to the designer’s web hosting service, which reduces your control and host pricing may exceed that of other general web hosting services.
    • Updates may not occur in a timely manner or as quickly as you like as you will generally not be able to do them yourself.
    • If you part ways with the web designer, you will need to hire an expert in coding unless you do a redesign of your site. Hourly rates of an expert run $100 an hour or higher if you want quality work.
    • The web designer may refuse access to the backend of the site by any expert you hire to replace them for maintenance.